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The Girlz



by: Garen S. Wolff, MD, MSc



Garen S. Wolff, MD, MSc is the quintessential Galstanberry--Doctor, Author and Published Scientist. 

Read about how her East Coast education and travels weaves itself in this refreshing series!

Dr. Garen S. Wolff, native Detroiter, has lived in and traveled to diverse cities from New York to Tokyo. After graduating Detroit Country Day, she matriculated into Wellesley College. Throughout the Wellesley years, she conducted biological research at Duke and Wayne State. Prior to graduating Wellesley with a  a B.A. in Neuroscience, Dr. Wolff earned a first author publication in the Biology of Reproduction Journal. 

Additionally, she holds a Master of Science (MSc) from Wayne State University's School of Medicine. After her Masters work, she moved to Washington D.C. to conduct research at the National Institute of Health (NIH) as an Intramural Research Award Fellow. It was there she wrote the first book in the Galstanberry series, which resulted in an International Book Awards Finalist recognition and subsequent partnerships with Girl Scouts, BIGGBY Coffee, Wayne State University GO-GIRL, and Evelyn Grace Academy in London, UK. The series is cataloged in the Detroit Public Library and The International Youth Library, the world's largest library for international children's and youth literature, located in the Schloss Blutenburg Castle in Munich, Germany.

Writing the Galstanberry series is just one of Dr. Wolff's accomplishments. She has been the recipient of multiple awards, such as the Hitachi Foundation's Yoshiyama Award; and featured in national publications such as, Ebony and Essence Magazines for her mentoring program, OfficialCityPrep.


Dr. Wolff earned her Doctor of Medicine from Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM). 


The Series


From the boroughs of New York, to the beaches of San Francisco, girls hail from all walks of life, to sport the violet blazer and pink beret of the Galstanberry Girls Academy. 


Galstanberry Girls (GG) Academy, an exclusive private boarding school in Connecticut, is flanked by a magnificent rose garden and horse stables. It rises up from the horizon like a French château with interconnected balustrades and high-spiraling turrets that seemed to touch the clouds. 
The first book in the series, The Girlz of Galstanberry, introduces readers to Mr. Charles Jefferson Galstanberry, an earnest gentleman who believed a male to be the only proper heir to his vast family fortune--a belief embraced by many in 1937. However, when devastation befalls, he is challenged to re-evaluate his beliefs and create a course that would change his life, others, forever. 
Decades later, Galstanberry has become the envy of girls around the world. And in one transformative year, five dynamic girls from different cities, socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities receive the coveted Galstanberry acceptance letter. On one unforgettable day-- Sunday, August 29--these five girls leave lasting impressions on family and friends before departing for Connecticut to attend Galstanberry's Orientation on Monday. 
Brandi Head
Tabitha Head
Fei Head
Lilian Head
Nisha head

The Girlz

 Book #1 takes readers across the United States to meet each girl and their families. Book #2 follows the 5 characters--Lillian, Brandi, Fei, Tabitha and Nisha--as they navigate Galstanberry Girls Academy. Find out who rooms with who and the famous Galstanberry traditions! Book #3 the competition is fierce for Class President! If only one word could be chosen to describe each GG, what would it be?  Here are G.S. Wolff's ideas!

Lillian Garcia: Spunky
Brandi Johnson: Determined
Fei Chin: Confident
Tabitha Crawford: Sassy
Nisha Mohan: Clever 



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